Nhia & Zoua Ly

Chef & owners

Welcome to Ly Cuisine! We’re opened back for dining-in. Come and join us.

Known as the Best Kept Secret in Albemarle, Ly Cuisine has been in business for over 19 years. We’re located in the famous Happy Hollow place north of downtown Albemarle.

Ly Cuisine is a family owned restaurant run by Nhia and Zoua. Zoua has been a chef at heart since early childhood. Her passion in the food industry has made her a well known chef among the locals and surrounding communities. She specializes in healthy organic eating and cooking only with freshly served vegetables.

If you have any special food entrees not listed on the menu, let Zoua know and she can definitely help you out.

fresh vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

Local Market Produce

Enjoy freshly hand-picked produce from local markets. Depending on the season, we use produce from our local farmers and our very own garden.

Meat & Poultry

Our entrees are served with the best meat and poultry. They are locally purchased to ensure they maintained their freshness.

Fish & Sea products

Enjoy the savory taste of fish and seafood products served in our entrees. Many Asian cuisines are a must with seafood items.


The restaurant

Located north of downtown Albemarle, Ly Cuisine has served the local community since 2005. Before the pandemic, the restaurant seated 40 guests. Currently, Ly Cuisine is only doing take out orders.

Coming 2024

Be on the lookout in early 2024 to open backup for dining in again. We're excited as much as you are!